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Product Bar Code Information

Category NameBrand NameSKUBarcode
Starter Infant FormulaLACTOGEN 1100g BIB8941100295632, 8941100296349
180g BIB8941100294543, 8941100295564, 8941100296356
350g BIB8941100294550, 8941100295595, 8941100296363
400g TIN8901058860047, 8941100294567, 8941100296370
Follow-up FormulaLACTOGEN 2180g BIB8941100294574, 8941100295571, 8941100296264
350g BIB8941100294581, 8941100295601, 8941100296271
400g TIN8901058865998, 8941100294598, 8941100296288
Follow-up Formula for Growing-up ChildrenLACTOGEN 3180g BIB8941100294604, 8941100295588, 8941100296295
350g BIB8941100294611, 8941100295618, 8941100296301
400g TIN8901058865967, 8941100294628, 8941100296318
Follow-up Formula for Pre-school KidsLACTOGEN 4180g BIB4800361407885, 8941100295748, 8941100296325
350g BIB4800361407861, 8941100295755, 8941100296332
Infant Formula with OPTIPRONAN OPTIPRO 1300g BIB4800361418850, 8941100296066
400g TIN4800361416559, 8941100296059
800g TIN4800361420211
Follow-up Formula with OPTIPRONAN OPTIPRO 2350g BiB4800361416603, 8941100296073
400g TIN4800361416535, 8941100296080
800g TIN4800361420235
Follow-up Formula with OPTIPRO for Growing-up ChildrenNAN OPTIPRO 3350g BIB4800361416511, 8941100296097
Follow-up Formula with OPTIPRO for Pre-school KidsNAN OPTIPRO 4350g BIB4800361416498, 8941100296103
Growing Up Milk PowderNIDO 1+180g BIB8941100294710
350g BIB8941100294727
NIDO 3+350g BIB8941100294741
Lactose Free-Special Dietary FormulaNAN AL 110400g TIN7613034898098
Low Lactose-Special Dietary FormulaLACTOGEN RECOVER180g BIB8961008216164
Infant Cereal with MilkCERELAC Stage 1 Baby Rice180g BiB8941100294963
CERELAC Stage 1 Wheat & Banana350g Tin9556001275424
CERELAC Stage 1 Rice & Milk400g BIB8941100294321
CERELAC Stage 1 Wheat & Milk400g BIB8941100294345, 8941100293508
CERELAC Stage 1 Wheat with 3 Fruits25g Sachet8941100294802
180g BIB8941100294239, 8941100293683
400g BIB8941100294246, 8941100293454
CERELAC Stage 2 Wheat with Apple & Cherry180g BIB8941100294253, 8941100293409
400g BIB8941100294260, 8941100293478
CERELAC Stage 2 Rice & Carrot with Chicken350g BIB8941100294772
CERELAC Stage 3 Wheat & 4 Fruits180g BIB8941100294307, 8941100293959
400g BIB8941100294314
CERELAC Stage 4 Wheat with Apple & Corn Flakes400g BIB8941100294369, 8941100293461
CERELAC Stage 4 Rice & Potato with Chicken180g BIB8941100294277, 8941100293676
400g BIB8941100294284, 8941100293485
CERELAC Stage 5 5 Fruits & MultiGrains350g BIB8941100294352, 8941100293942
Junior Cereal with MilkCEREGROW 5 Fruits Junior Cereal with Milk300g BiB8941100295281
Cereal Based FortifierPushtimix5g Sachet8941100295380
DairyNIDO Fortified Tin 6x2.5kg BD2.5kg8941100290507
NIDO Fortified Tin 12x900g BD900g8941100290293
NIDO Fortified BIB 12x700g BD700g8941100292969
NIDO Fortified BIB 18x500g BD500g8941100295366
NIDO Fortified BIB 24x350g BD350g8941100292907
NESTLE EVERYDAY Pouch500g8941100293720
MILO Active Go Powder400g Tin8901058868804
MILO Active Go Powder400g BIB8941100295700
MILO Active Go Powder250g Pouch8901058868781
MILO 3in1 Sachet25g Sachet8941100295311
NESTUM Oat 3in1 Sachet30g8941100295526
NESTUM Honey 3in1 Sachet28g8941100295533
NESTUM Chocolate 3in1 Sachet28g8941100295540
Breakfast CerealNESTLE CORN FLAKES Cereal275g4800361005500
NESTLE KOKO KRUNCH330g4800361000239
KOKO KRUNCH Cereal Pouch 80g4800361339360
KOKO KRUNCH DUO Cereal330g4800361356367
MILO Cereal330g4800361291446
BeverageNESCAFE CLASSIC Sachet1.5g8941100293126
NESCAFE CLASSIC Jar 25g8901058871876
NESCAFE CLASSIC Pouch200g8901058844511
Nescafe Classic Tin100g8901058826760
NESCAFE 3in115g8941100293317
NESCAFE Creamy Latte 3in118g8941100295182
NESCAFE Hazelnut Latte 3in125g8941100295434
NESCAFE Gold Cappucinno125g8901058865660
NESCAFE Choco Mocha125g8901058866216
NESCAFE Gold Blend100g7613036069816
FoodsMAGGI Healthy Soup Chicken with Corn Sachet25g8941100291344
MAGGI Healthy Soup Thai Sachet35g8941100291351
MAGGI Healthy Soup Vegetable Sachet25g8941100291368
MAGGI Shaad-e-Magic4g8941100294970
48g (12 packs)8941100295151
MAGGI 2 Minutes Masala Noodles Choto37g8941100294390
MAGGI 2 Minutes Masala Noodles 62g8941100294406
MAGGI 2 Minutes Curry Noodles 248g8941100292860
MAGGI Healthy Soup Chicken with Corn Sachet25g8941100291344
Special Formula for Pre-Mature and Low Birthweight BabiesPreNAN400g TIN8941100291337

Note: This table has been designed for the purpose of complying with Section 5 of “Food Safety Labeling Regulation 2017”.