Healthy food environments

Our commitment: Partner for promoting healthy food environments


Our commitment: Partner for promoting healthy food environments


Extending our holistic approach to nutrition, health and wellness to the point of purchase, we aim to scale up our partnerships with retailers and food professionals in different regions, enabling those environments to inspire healthier eating habits and lifestyles for individuals and families.


Our progress to date

We want to scale up our current in-store knowledge and practices by leveraging retailer strategies on healthy living. In‑store programmes will be defined through long-term collaborations with our strategic retailer partners to fit their own strategies and environments, and continuously help individuals and families make healthier options the easy choice.

Such programmes may include initiatives such as promoting healthier diets and lifestyles throughout life, healthier shopping baskets in store and online, healthier choices at checkouts, healthier lunch boxes, skin protection, good sleeping habits, and responsible marketing communications directed at parents and caregivers.

As well as making the store a destination place to inspire a culture of prevention and nudge individuals and families to take incremental steps towards healthier eating habits and living, we will also develop a methodology that can be scaled up to engage further partners.

Our objective towards 2020

By 2020: Partner with retailers and food professionals to foster environments that promote healthier diets and lifestyles.


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