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Portion guidance

Our commitment: Offer guidance on portions for our products

Our commitment: Offer guidance on portions for our products

Around the world, inappropriate portion sizes contribute to imbalanced eating habits and lead to adverse health outcomes. We believe we share the responsibility for guiding consumers towards a healthy diet in terms of consumption quantity, frequency and quality.

Our objective in 2016

By 2016: Promote healthy portion consumption by deploying our Portion Guidance programme on 100% of our children’s and family products, and complement it with guidance in our recipe websites and nutrition education programmes.

Our progress to date

Nestlé’s voluntary Portion Guidance is made available through product form, pack design, clear illustrations and, when possible, a serving device or dispensing machine. Around two-thirds (66.7%) of our children’s and family products currently offer specific Portion Guidance. On products that have a more significant impact on the overall diet of children, such as recurring and more indulgent choices, 80.5% provided Portion Guidance.

We also continue to make our recipe sites more accessible and user friendly, and integrate information on age-appropriate portion sizes. This helps consumers understand the nutritional value of what they are consuming and redefine their portion habits, particularly for energy-dense foods and beverages.

Our objectives towards 2020

By 2020: Continue providing guidance on portions globally on all children’s and family product packs and add frequency of consumption indications on relevant products.

By 2020: Extend our guidance on portions to our consumer recipes, and relevant teenager and adult products.

By 2020: Gradually increase the proportion of guidance on portions provided through product form, pack design, serving device or dispenser to make it even more intuitive than on‑pack messaging.


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