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Presence Across Bangladesh


Nestlé Bangladesh has its head office located in the NINAKABBO building of Tejgaon Industrial Area in Dhaka, having more than 160 dedicated employees working in its office premises. The workplace interior is dynamically designed to align with Nestlé’s three core Creating Shared Value (CSV) pillars: the green theme of Level 4 representing ‘Nutrition’, the yellow theme of Level 5 representing ‘Rural Development’ and the blue theme of Level 6 representing ‘Water’. This serves as the ideal backdrop from which the tight-knit team of Nestlé Bangladesh operates. Together, this vibrant workplace wholesomely captures the ethos of Nestlé Bangladesh.

Nestlé Bangladesh PLC
227/A Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road,
Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh
Tel: 09609609222
NESTLÉ Bangladesh Consumer Engagement Centre: 08000 16 12 71 (TOLL FREE)
NESTLÉ Bangladesh Consumer Service Mailbox: [email protected]


The factory of Nestlé Bangladesh is situated in Sreepur, Gazipur. It is roughly 55 km north of Dhaka, and is adjacent to the Rajendrapur Cantonment. The factory boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including an intricately designed social block for all the employees, a revamped water usage and recycling system, and several architecturally superlative production and packaging lines of world famous brands such as CERELAC, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY, NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH, LACTOGEN, MAGGI, NESCAFÉ and NESTLÉ NIDO. At the heart of all factory operations is Nestlé Bangladesh’s 2030 ambition of “striving for zero environmental impact in our operations.”

Nestlé Bangladesh PLC
Rajendrapur Cantonment,
Sreepur, Gazipur -1740