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Nestlé in Bangladesh

As amongst the world’s largest food and beverage company, we have enhanced the quality of life of individuals and their families in 191 countries over 150 years. In Bangladesh too, our purpose is the same, ensuring a healthier future for a country we have partnered with for 25 years. Started as a joint venture between Transcom Limited and Nestlé S.A, Switzerland in 1992, Nestlé Bangladesh PLC started commercial operations in 1994 with its first factory in Sreepur. Nestlé Bangladesh became a 100% owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A. in 1998.

Over the past two decades, Nestlé Bangladesh has offered diverse products and services for all stages of life, helping people take better care of themselves and their families. We have engaged extensively with the communities where we operate, ensuring training for farmers, enhancing livelihoods, educating children and their families on proper nutrition, and actively promoting environmentally sustainable operations. Read more about our country initiatives here.

The current product portfolio of Nestlé Bangladesh includes Brands like NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS, NESCAFÉ, NESTEA, MAGGI (Noodles, Soup and Seasoning), NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH, NESTLÉ MILO, NESTLÉ CORNFLAKES, NESTLÉ COFFEEMATE, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY, NESTLÉ NIDO (FORTIGROW, 1+, 3+), CERELAC, LACTOGEN (1, 2, 3, 4 and RECOVER) and NAN ( 1, 2, AL110 and PRENAN).

Quality and Safety for our consumers is Nestlé’s top priority. This applies to our entire portfolio, from foods and beverages to all our systems and services. To know more about Nestlé Quality Policy click here.

With a promise of Good Food, Good Life, Nestlé Bangladesh continues to innovate across its product lines to enhance people’s quality of life and contribute to a healthier future of Bangladesh.


Year Event
1992 Nestlé Bangladesh started its commercial operations.
1994 Started manufacturing sweetened condensed milk.
Started repacking Milk Powders, Infant Nutrition and Infant Cereal.
1997 Commenced first Noodle line.
1998 Nestlé Bangladesh became 100% owned subsidiary of Nestlé SA.
Started manufacturing Breakfast Cereal.
Inaugurated the Distribution Centre.
2002 Started manufacturing Local Infant Cereal.
2004 Discontinued manufacturing of Breakfast Cereal.
Switched from local repacking of Infant Nutrition to imported FG.
2007 Expanded Distribution Centre, and attained ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certification.
2008 Attained NQMS, ISO 22000 Certification.
2009 Commissioned second Noodle line.
2010 Initiated Nestlé Healthy Kids (NHK) Programme.
2012 Commissioned third Noodle line.
Transitioned to Mechanized Distribution Centre.
Awarded Standard Chartered-Financial Express CSR award 2010-11.
2013 Commenced confectionery production.
Digitalized Warehouse Monitoring System (WMS).
Initiated pilot knowledge-sharing programme.
2014 Partnered with 2030 Water Resource Group (WRG).
2016 Commenced Dairy manufacturing and Tea Enhancer bulk repacking.
2017 Introduced Fruit Drinks and Nectars in the market.
Nestlé Bangladesh Timeline