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MAGGI Healthy Soups are ready-to-cook dehydrated soups which help families enjoy balanced light meals every day. Each serve is low in fat and cholesterol which sums up to 50 kilocalories or less. In between meals, it serves as a healthy substitute to fried food/snacks, and you can make it even healthier by adding fresh vegetables.
MAGGI Healthy Soups comes in three mouth-watering and restaurant-inspired flavours: Thai, Corn with Chicken Flavour and Vegetable, and each pack serves two.
Thai Soups

MAGGI Healthy Soups – Thai

Enjoy a warm bowl of delicious Thai soup with your loved ones. Easy to make, this soup is packed with flavour that is sure to excite your taste buds.

Cron soups

MAGGI Healthy Soups – Corn with Chicken Flavour

A delicious combination of corn and chicken flavour, this soup is a classic. Add an egg to make this yummy soup more wholesome and delightful.

Vegetable Soups

MAGGI Healthy Soups – Vegetable

An ideal go-to choice when in need of something that makes you feel warm inside. With a range of colourful vegetables bits, this soup is light yet satisfying.



Bar Code

MAGGI Healthy Soup Chicken with Corn Sachet 25g 8941100291344
MAGGI Healthy Soup Thai Sachet 35g 8941100291351
MAGGI Healthy Soup Vegetable Sachet 25g 8941100291368