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MILO Active-Go!

MILO Active

MILO, the No 1 Cocoa Malt beverage in the world, a unique blend of malt, milk, and cocoa fortified with vitamins and minerals helps to keep them powered-up throughout the day.  It is made with yummy chocolatey flavor that kids love the most!
Good to Know:
Each of the ingredients comes along with their own benefits that contribute to a balanced diet. 
Malt: MILO is made with malt extract from barley, milk (skimmed milk powder), cocoa and sugar. The combination of these core ingredients form the foundation of the MILO product benefit proposition providing nutritious energy and great taste to children.
Milk: Power source of protein and calcium. In addition, MILO is fortified with 6 vitamins (vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D) and 3 minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus) that have a role to play in support of children's growth & development
Cocoa: Gives the chocolatey taste cherished by the kids

Kids are all about sports and fun. They love to enjoy themselves every hour, every day. This chocolate malt beverage not only gives you the energy to go further but also tastes good!

Description Pack Size Barcode
MILO Active Go Powder 400g BIB 8941100295700