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Human Rights

Quality and safety of our consumers is Nestlé’s top priority. This applies to all our products across the world, from foods and beverages to our systems and services.

To ensure the quality and safety of each and every Nestlé product, we have a Quality Management System (QMS), which is used to guarantee food safety and compliance with quality standards. Our QMS is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to international standards, ISO norms, laws and other regulatory requirements. Our factory laboratories, regional quality control laboratories and central quality control work together to make sure that our products are safe and are of the best quality.

Nestlé strictly maintains expiry date, manufacturing date, batch code and Nestlé nutrition compass for all its products. A good method to tell apart Nestlé’s original products from its counterfeits is to examine these criteria. One should also inspect the color compositions on the packaging of products to tell apart fake Nestlé products.

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