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Did you know kids use up energy even while sleeping? To kick – start their morning and refuel their body, give them a delicious bowl of NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH Breakfast Cereal made with Whole Grain. It helps restore their energy and provides Vitamins and Minerals to help them feel super.

Get more from Whole Grain:

Unlike many other cereals, NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH Breakfast Cereal is made with Whole Grain. That means we keep the bran, endosperm and germ of the grain, so you get more of their inherent goodness like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Look for the NESTLÉ whole grain tick on the pack to make sure you are getting Whole Grain in your cereal.

Good to know:

  1. Whole Grain – Contains more dietary fiber, more nutrition.
  2. Source of Iron – Important for healthy red blood cells.
  3. Source of Calcium – Required for normal growth and bone development in children.
Description PACK SIZE Bar Code
NESTLE KOKO KRUNCH 330g 4800361000239
170g 4800361002851
KOKO KRUNCH Cereal Pouch 80g 4800361339360