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Healthy hydration

Our commitment: Inspire people to choose water to lead healthier lives


Our commitment: Advocate for water as a top choice for healthier hydration


We seek to help build healthier generations by sharing our knowledge on hydration habits, and promoting plain water from any source as a top choice for hydration by individuals and families. Our Healthy Hydration Roadmap drives our approach during 2016 and beyond.


Our progress to date

We have collaborated with the University of California at Davis on a recent study published in the journal Appetite, which tested the benefits of drinking water on working memory and attention among children aged 9–12. The results suggest that water intake that leads to moderate hydration status changes improves cognitive performance.

Based on the findings from such studies, we are working with public health bodies, academics, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the private sector on campaigns promoting water as the recommended choice for healthy hydration.

For example, Nestlé Waters Mexico teamed up with the country’s Federal Ministry of Health to create a National Family Hydration Programme. After the launch event in July 2016 in Mexico City, which attracted more than 40 000 people, we undertook a media tour to five other major cities and staged healthy hydration‑themed roadshows called Hydration Brigades at the country’s leading universities. We are exploring plans to deploy similar initiatives in other countries.

Nestlé Waters North America supports the Drink Up initiative, of which Michelle Obama is the honorary chair. Drink Up is run by the Partnership for a Healthier America, which works with the private sector to urge Americans to drink water.

Our objectives towards 2020

By 2017: Release with partners an open access platform offering global statistics on people’s drinking habits.

By 2020: Launch national campaigns promoting healthy hydration with public and private partners in 10 countries.


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