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All over the country, there are chefs cooking a wide variety of exceptional dishes. They have common needs and motivations - to satisfy consumers and feel good about the food they prepare. Our food products aims to help these experts bring out the flavour and nutrition of fresh ingredients. Reliable, convenient and excellent value for money, our product range will give you the taste, nutrition and versatility you need to perform your best.
MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder  

1. MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder

Made with freshly procured Sri Lankan coconuts gives MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder a creamier texture and more authentic flavor to recipe applications, making it perfect for creating a range of delicious dishes. It recognizes and supports the daily demands of a professional chef and helps him deliver delicious meals to his customers.
Country of Origin: Srilanka
Pack Size: 300 gm

MAGGI Chicken Stock Powder  

2. MAGGI Chicken Stock Powder

This popular chicken flavored seasoning powder helps chefs prepare great tasting chicken flavored stock in an instant for flavoring dishes. The ingredients used include a combination of chicken flavor, soya sauce, ginger, coriander and salt, giving a balanced taste to a variety of dishes.
Country of Origin: Srilanka
Pack Size: 500 gm

MAGGI Soya Sauce  

3. MAGGI Soya Sauce

Soothing from Soya beans to natural fermentation, MAGGI Soya sauce provides mild harmonious flavor from naturally fermented soybeans. This sauce is widely used in Pan Asian cuisines.
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Pack Size: 700 ml

MAGGI Oyster Sauce  

4. MAGGI Oyster Sauce

Proudly originating from Japan and Korea, MAGGI Oyster Sauce is used for delicious and natural stir-fry dishes, extra berry and soft grilled dishes. It is also suitable for merination.
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Pack Size: 300 ml