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We have a range of coffee machines and beverage systems that offers Quality Beverages, Variety and Ease of Operations. In this age of convenience, customers demand instant, quality beverages.Our NESCAFÉ vending machines are a simple solution for complex problems. With a simple press of a button, our vending machines deliver hygienically made, great tasting NESCAFE & NESTEA every time!

Vending Machines:

Spectra Double  

Spectra Double Option Vending Machine:

Offers 2 types of beverages Selection.

Spectra Triple  

Spectra Triple Option Vending Machine:

Offers 3 types of beverages Selection.

Beverage Solutions:

NESCAFÉ 3in1 Premixes  

1. NESCAFÉ 3in1 Premixes

NESCAFÉ Premixes Is a combination of Nescafé instant coffee with coffee-mate and sugar. It epitomizes the word convenience!
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Pack Size: 1kg

NESTEA Milk Tea Premixes  

2. NESTEA Milk Tea Premixes

Serves a consistently great tasting cup of milk tea with sugar, catering to the palates and preferences of Bangladeshi consumers.
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Pack Size: 500gm

NESTEA Lemon Iced Tea  

3. NESTEA Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon flavored Tea can be served both as hot lemon tea and cold iced tea. A refreshingly good beverage option rich in Vitamin C.
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Pack Size: 500gm

Standard Beverage:

NESCAFE Classic  

1. NESCAFE Classic

NESCAFÉ CLASSIC awakens your mind and body to new opportunities as the rich aroma of this distinctive blend unfolds. Our finely ground signature coffee has a medium-dark roast that gives it full flavor, full aroma and wonderfully invigorating taste. We blend 100% pure natural Robusta coffee beans and then roast them to medium-dark deliciousness. With the new world class ERA technology, you get richer aroma and an unmatched coffee experience you have come to expect from NESCAFÉ CLASSIC.
Country of Origin: India
Pack Size: 200gm



NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE is a non-dairy creamer that is cholesterol free and makes your coffee richer, smoother and creamier. It allows you to customize your personal taste and right coffee color. It elevates your love for your favorite coffee. Reward yourself with the ever-lasting and aromatic coffee combined with its perfect partner – COFFEE-MATE.
Country of Origin: Thailand
Pack Size: 1kg