Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme

We are helping people in battling against malnutrition
Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme

NESTLÉ HEALTHY KIDS: Kids enrolled in training based on nutrition knowledge.

Nestlé initiated its Healthy Kids Programme in Bangladesh as well as India and Sri Lanka to create nutrition awareness to help the people in battling against malnutrition that results from the deficiency of the right amount of nutrients. This is a serious issue in Bangladesh which is similar to its neighbouring countries.

Programme Description

Nestlé Healthy Kids (NHK) programme was initiated in Bangladesh in 2010 in collaboration with nutrition expert Dr. Nazrul Islam Khan, Professor of Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Dhaka University to raise awareness on Nutrition, Health and Wellness and promote physical activity among school children aging 13-17 through better eating, greater physical activity, and other key health measures such as hygiene. This initiative has helped children to get in touch with knowledge that would help them to be a wise decision maker in terms of health and nutrition.

Value to Society

NHK programme as a part of the global ‘Creating Shared Value’ (CSV) programme aims at promoting nutritional knowledge, attitude, and behaviours of 3,000 adolescent students from 22 schools in Gazipur every year. In Bangladesh till 2016: 17,104 Kids have enrolled in NHK training. Through ‘Knowledge share programme’- an extension of NHK, initiated in 2013, Nestlé Bangladesh has shared nutrition knowledge among 47,600 kids till 2016.

Value to Nestlé

The Nestlé Healthy Kids programme helps to establish a local as well as global competitive advantage over the others and upholds Nestlé’s promise which is “Enhancing Quality of Life and Contributing to a Healthier Future”. It creates an overall positive impact for the company. Nestlé aims to strengthen the evaluation process of the programme by focusing on data to increase its nutrition education knowledge and practices.