Empowering youth

Nestlé Bangladesh aims to empower the role of individuals to enhance their livelihoods.
Empowering youth

Nestlé believes in empowerment and turns individual into asset that can change the community for better, for which Nestlé Bangladesh aims to empower the role of individuals to strengthen them in their day to day lives by taking up various initiatives.

Programme Description

Everyone has an important role in the society. Our aim to empower people is to enhance their livelihoods by strengthening them as a working individual in the society.

Amra Korbo Joy brings hope and joy into the lives of street vendors and the unemployed male and female. This project helps to empower the youth and allows women freedom to be financially capable to support herself. Under this project, Nestlé provides the sellers with the know-how, equipment and ingredients to make instant coffee. The sellers directly reach consumers with hot cups of coffee and keep a share of profits. As the name suggest, it is a win-win solution for Nestlé, the sellers and our customers. Currently we have couple of hundred of sellers who have been selling more than 500,000 cups of coffee. Through programs and initiative like this we aim to empower the youth and create a stronger community.

Value to Society

Nestlé believes that an empowered individual holds more choices to life, they have better opportunities, skills and knowledge which enable them to raise an educated and healthier families specially for women which paves ways for more children going to school, receiving education and being future assets to the nation.

Value to Nestlé

Poverty and lack of education might be one of the causes for business risk that Nestlé is trying to eliminate with the help of the working hands such as the farmers, suppliers and distributors and other members working closely with the company. Empowering youth can enhance the overall efficiency and raise the bar for lead time deliveries.