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Cooking with kids

Here are 7 ways you can enjoy cooking with children
Here are 7 ways you can enjoy cooking with children
Don't stress about the mess  

1. Don't stress about the mess

Try not to worry about the mess that children will make while having fun in the kitchen. Let them be creative. They can also be part of the clean-up team when it’s all over.

Encourage their imagination  

2. Encourage their imagination

Encourage your kids to be imaginative in the kitchen. Give them free-reign when decorating their cookies, or challenge them to create a fruit-salad rainbow or vegetable animals.
You can also let your kids to cook with friends and make it more fun-full for them

Build life skills  

3. Build life skills

Cooking with kids can be a great opportunity to teach important life skills.
You can talk about maths and fractions when measuring ingredients or cutting a pizza into wedges. Also help them understand more about hygiene and food safety while washing hands and preparing your work space. You can talk about healthy eating habits h while you prepare and assemble your meal.

Bond over baking  

4. Bond over baking

The kitchen is a great place to spend more time with your kids and no fancy equipment or expensive memberships are required.
Baking cookies with kids can take an ordinary afternoon and make it extraordinary. Sharing time together while creating delicious meal is sure to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Make meal plans together  

5. Make meal plans together

Meal planning with your kids is quality time spent together. It will show them the importance of eating a balanced diet – with plenty of wholegrain, fiber and vegetables, for example – excite their interest in food and encourage them to help you get creative in the kitchen!

Get kids involved  

6. Get kids involved

Children tend to eat more of the healthy food on their plate when they help prepare it.
There are lots of tasks that your children can help with. Washing, grating or mashing are all fun activities for kids. And don’t forget the washing up too!

Create food art  

7. Create food art

Make healthy eating fun for kids by getting creative at mealtimes.
Presenting food in the form of a picture or simple pattern, or decorating the rim of the plate, can make it more exciting and enticing for children. Animals and faces are always popular and broccoli and cauliflower make excellent trees! Or why not let kids cut peppers and cucumbers with cookie cutters, into interesting shapes like hearts, stars and diamonds.