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Your Career at Nestlé

Recruitment Procedures


Applying for any position at Nestlé Bangladesh is very challenging. Candidates are tested with extreme care which in turn is very enriching for your personal development.

The Management selection process is designed to be comprehensive and in-depth- however, we want to give you a clear picture of the process. 

These are the basic stages each of which you must pass:

           Stage 1 : Application
           Stage 2 : Assessment
           Stage 3 : Competency Based Interview
           Stage 4 : Final Interview

Stage 1: Application

In the first step, you must send your curricular vitae, where you need to give information about you. The areas that should be covered in your curricular vitae are:

  • Your personal details
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Academic history and work experiences

Stage 2: Assessment


Once your CV has been shortlisted prior to your application, you may be required to sit for a written exam depending on the nature of the role.

Group Discussion

During a group discussion, you will be assessed for your ability to work on your point of view under a pressure situation in a group. Your other interpersonal skills and capabilities will also be assessed in this stage. Group discussions are usually on specific cases provided by the assessors.


You might be asked to present in a group or individually. You will be given the materials on which you will have to present, as well as all the technical support. You might have to make a presentation on the case that has been provided.

Stage 3: Competency Based Interview:

We decide on certain leadership/personality traits with which you must be competent with if you want to perform in that position. Competency based interviews are designed with more situational and behavioral questions to understand the candidates deeper.

Stage 4 : Final Interview

Shortlisted candidates from the Competency Interview will be called in for the final interview where the department heads and the management committee will be judging each candidate against the cultures and values of Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd.

Career Development

At Nestlé, we know that it is our people who set us apart and spur our success year after year. So we have created a high performance culture that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth and this enables their development and ultimately ours.

There are three factors that will shape your career growth at Nestlé:

Core Factors

These are non-negotiable; they are the qualities you must have if you are to make the most of all the opportunities we have to offer. They include your sustainable performance, the knowledge and skills you have about your function, the business and yourself, plus your leadership skills and critical experience.


This is the name we give to the qualities that will determine how far and how fast you progress and develop. These include your mobility, your flexibility to move between functions and categories, how well you network and how open you are to new experiences.


These are the factors that are more dependent on circumstances and activities elsewhere in the business. Opportunities can spring from new roles, new positions and new assignments overseas.

Talent Assessment and Succession Planning

Our organization believes in nurturing and developing internal talent. This process helps in assessing the development potential of individuals and planning succession for key positions. Succession planning is the way in which we plan career development and fill middle and senior-level jobs. At any one time, we know exactly how well these successors are performing and how close they are to taking on the next role in their development. This process, based on the talent grid, supports internal selection in line with business needs. Calibrated talent reviews increase visibility of people to senior management and creates a common understanding of development potential of individuals.

Revealing Your Potential

At Nestlé, we are committed to provide a learning environment and we encourage our people to leverage these opportunities. Learning is a combination of on-the-job experiences, relationship based and education based opportunities. From experience, we know that to design high-quality development plans it is crucial to apply the 70/20/10 model. This states that on-the-job experiences have the highest impact on professional and personal development, relationship-based approaches such as feedback and coaching account for 20% of impact and formal training or education-based opportunities have the least effect on how fully and quickly people develop.

Experience Based Development:

Rated as the most impactful of all development, experience based development in Nestlé is achieved through domestic mission assignments, projects, job rotations, stretch assignments, overseas mission and expatriate assignments.

Relationship Based Development:

Our Corporate Mentoring Programme will help you to accelerate your development through relationship-based support, transfer of experience, of key insights and unwritten rules as well as, bringing exposure to the areas beyond the current role.

SPARKZ is our development centre initiative that acts as a platform for nurturing & developing high performing talent based on simulated assessment and feedback. Employees nominated to attend this two-day intervention go through a battery of assessments and simulations of real work life challenges.

Education Based Development:

Nomination based international programs delivered through Rive Reine & IMD allows our employees to grow through education-based opportunities internationally. Leading the Nestlé Way program developed by the Nestlé group in collaboration with London Business School supports development of top management. At Nestlé, high performers with aspirations for academic progression are supported through a tie-up with IIM Kolkata. Distance learning programs called Executive General Management Program (EGMP) and Advanced General Management Program (AGMP) for different levels is organized for growth of our employees.

Talent Development Program

Young Talent Development Program (YTDP)

The YTDP program is for a period of 12 months and has key talent handpicked across the region participating in it. As part of the program, the participants undertake projects that are critical to the business / function in which they operate. Participants are assigned Mentors who are Senior Managers from another function to further hone their leadership skills. In addition to these, participants also get an opportunity to attend leadership workshops and relevant functional training. The program has been designed to develop our young talent at an early stage in their career in a focused way through a comprehensive mix of Experience Based (70), Relationship based (20) and Education based (10) interventions. This is to accelerate learning and strengthen development of core leadership skills with professional capabilities that are essential to our business.

SAR Talent Exchange Programme

The SAR Talent Exchange programme aims to facilitate talent exchange between India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at Junior & Middle Management levels. This initiative will also encourage and help to "drive regional alignment and team solidarity" and build functional capabilities in line with the direction in our Nestlé SAR blueprint.
In line with the framework for Long Term Career Growth, this programme aims to develop the employee by focusing on the following:

  • Knowledge/Skill (Functional/Business/Self)
  • Critical Experience
  • Network/Relationship/Exposure
  • New Roles/International assignments

Performance Culture



Diversity has only just reached the top of most corporate agendas, but at Nestlé it has been the foundation of what we do for years. One of the areas in which diversity makes the biggest difference is in the gender mix . Women do things differently from men, and there are advantages to bringing BOTH sets of skills and styles of working to the table. It is not about one or the other, but both TOGETHER . Our objective is to ensure that we provide the environment, culture and leadership to facilitate this balanced gender mix. We aim at creating an environment where women are highly motivated to work, develop, progress and fulfil their potential.

Employee Health and Wellness

Our vision and values should shape everything we do. We believe strongly that they should be lived and experienced every day. By providing our people with a healthy diet and sporting activities, we support our principle of healthy minds in healthy bodies, and create the healthy workforce that sets us apart.


Nestlé is founded on caring: for our consumers, for the communities to which we belong, and most crucially, for our colleagues. Evidently, safety is central to everything we do - we do not accept compromises in this area. One accident is one too many for us. Our safety and health performance has improved significantly, but we are committed to achieving zero accidents and that means we need to lead the world in our thinking and practices.

Rewards and Recognition

The objectives regarding Remuneration and Rewards Policy of Nestlé are:

To favour a competitive, stimulating and fair Compensation and Benefits structure offering an overall competitive and attractive Remuneration package.

To establish Remuneration practices taking into account relevant external compensation levels and internal fairness knowing that the remuneration is also determined by the capacity of the Company to improve its productivity
Recognition is to find ways to value performance and desired Leadership Behaviours, either through formal programs or more importantly through informal and non-monetary recognition.

Nestlé and I

It is critical for any organization to understand what the employees feel about its culture, strategy, alignment and engagement. We encourage our employees to give us transparent feedback on what is working and what needs improvement, through Nestlé & I survey.