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NESCAFÉ Wins Digital Marketing Award 2017

NESCAFÉ Cartoonist iTVC Campaign, executed by MAXUS/Asiatic 3Sixty, wins the Silver Award in the category of “Best Use of YouTube” in the Digital Marketing Award 2017 in Bangladesh.
NESCAFÉ Wins Digital Marketing Award 2017

NESCAFÉ launched the new thematic TVC (NESCAFÉ Cartoonist TVC) in 2016 regionally. In Bangladesh the brand’s core aim was to reach maximum number of its target audience not only through TV but also through digital where the majority of its target audience is present. But measuring the effectiveness in terms of what percentage of population was exactly reached and moreover what percentage of the video viewed along with the offline media was a challenge.

We reached out to YouTube Bangladesh, and they helped us to carry out the first ever iTVC campaign, a multi-screen planning, in Bangladesh. This involved analyzing the incremental reach and GRP in addition to that received through TV media buying which helped to make effective use of limited media budget that we had.

This initiative by NESCAFÉ has established a point of reference for the industry in digital space. Bangladesh Brand Forum, a renowned multifaceted marketing knowledge sharing organization, recognized and rewarded this initiative in the category of “Best Use of YouTube” in a grand and action-packed ceremony “Digital Marketing Award 2017”on 14th October.