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MAGGI Celebrating 25 Years

MAGGI Celebrating

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says 2 minutes? Probably the same thing that comes to our mind, MAGGI Noodles. It is almost as if MAGGI and 2 Minutes is so synonymous to each other, the only action left is to formally introduce it into the dictionary. In the last 25 years, MAGGI has captured the heart and kitchen of every Bengali Mother, passing it down the generations. MAGGI is the name of a taste and emotion that everyone in the country recognizes. And MAGGI itself believes; Good food starts from our own home. 

In Bangladesh, MAGGI started its journey in 1997. People of this country may know MAGGI for only 25 years, but MAGGI’s story goes way back with Julius MAGGI in 1886. He believed in food that is heathy, nutritious, and tasty. Thus, was born MAGGI, which followed the pathway Julius MAGGI paved for over 100 of years. In the world of MAGGI, the small moments of sharing food create lasting bonds between each other in a family.  

From the 90s, almost everyone remembers the afternoons of MAGGI. After a day of running around and playing with friends, when mom called as the sun set, MAGGI was on the table. Made with love and affection, MAGGI’s signature smell and taste would be found in all the houses in the neighborhood. The sense of enjoyment was so impeccable, that you’d wait to finish the noodles till the last drop. Today, MAGGI is noodles, and noodles means MAGGI. From childhood to adulthood, an entire generation grew up with a bowl of MAGGI. Yesterday’s children now call upon their sons and daughters for the same bowl of MAGGI that they grew up with. 

MAGGI didn’t stop growing with us either. As time changed, the children grew up into adults, and their sense of taste, palate and appetite changed. MAGGI also moved with the time, coming up with new flavors with new packaging. New ingredients were added every now and then to meet the changing demands. Not only noodles, but MAGGI also introduced us to a world of goodness, from MAGGI Seasonings to Healthy Soups, MAGGI took a permanent place in our kitchen and our food.  

As a pledge, MAGGI has always strived to provide the best in quality and standard. Made in our own factory in Sreepur, Bangladesh. Every MAGGI is a result of more than 2000 lab tests conducted by Nestle. Thus, every MAGGI Noodles is verified from its nutrients, taste to quality, giving you and your family the best and tastiest MAGGI Noodles. 

Apart from being a bowl of noodles, MAGGI is an emotion. Maybe that is why we all start humming and signing the iconic MAGGI song as soon we hear the name. MAGGI is represented in all the stories from family to friends, from elders to youngers, across TV, Internet, or any other digital media. The stories are so akin to our own, that we almost see ourselves in same frame with MAGGI. Without knowing, MAGGI has taken a permanent place in our lives and our hearts. 

From generations to generations, our precious moments were spent with a steaming bowl of MAGGI Noodles. We would like you to share those MAGGI Moments with us. 25 years of MAGGI is just the beginning, the rest is still to come.  

Hence, let us all celebrate 25 Years of MAGGI with happy memories.