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Incident-free Operation for Consecutive 10 years at Nestlé Bangladesh Gazipur DC

10years incident free

Gazipur Distribution Center added another feather in its crown on 11 April 2021 by achieving the hallmark of ‘Consecutive 10 years’ operation without any Recordable Incident’. Safety being top-priority for Nestlé, Gazipur DC relentlessly established comprehensive safety guidelines, placing appropriate safety measures, religiously following all the guidelines and translating the belief into actions that these guidelines are to keep everyone safe.
It is exemplary to maintain such safety standard in a high-risk, high movement area like DC in this difficult time owing to pandemic. By snatching the laurel, Distribution Team of Nestlé Bangladesh has set an example to be extra vigilant and cautious about safety of coworkers to ensure that they return to their family safely, every day.

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