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Semolina Mihidana with NESTLÉ EVERYDAY


Method of preparation

Serving Size for Adults: 6


  1. Dissolve the NESTLÉ EVERYDAY in 1 cup of water, add the eggs and beat. Then add in the semolina and molasses and beat further. Let it stand for an hour.
  2. Heat the ghee in a pan and add in the mixture above. Stir well until it becomes flakey/clumped.
  3. Now add the pistachios, keep stirring for 2 minutes then take off the stove. Put onto a serving dish to cool and you are ready to serve delicious Semolina Mihidana with NESTLÉ EVERYDAY.

Grocery List

  1. 1½ cup NESTLÉ EVERYDAY full cream milk powder
  2. ½ cup semolina
  3. 1 cup date juice molasses
  4. 4 eggs
  5. ¼ cup pistachios (diced)
  6. ½ cup ghee
  7. 1 cup of water



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