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MAGGI Seasoning



MAGGI Shaad-e Magic is an all-in-one seasoning added at the final stage of cooking. Being the first of its kind in Bangladesh, MAGGI Shaad-e Magic is a unique blend of roasted spices which can enhance the taste of everyday dishes. It captures well-known Bangladeshi spices such as cumin, chilli, turmeric, garlic which enriches the taste of a wide variety of traditional Bangladeshi dishes. This easy to use product, is fortified with vital nutrients such as vitamin A, Iron and Iodine.

MAGGI Fusian Fried Rice  

MAGGI FUSIAN Fried Rice Seasoning Mix

Are you struggling with preparing a delicious fried rice at Home?
MAGGI is introducing New MAGGI FUSIAN Fried Rice Seasoning Mix which can simply transform your plain rice into a delicious fried rice on demand. This is the first ever fried rice seasoning in Bangladesh.This Fried Rice seasoning mix is a unique blend of different spices & flavors like Garlic, black pepper, Soya sauce & unique Asian wok flavor which helps you to transform your plain rice into a delicious wok flavored fried rice.
It’s very easy to cook, you just need to fry one onion in a fry pan with one table spoon oil & then add plain rice and Fried rice seasoning mix. Then mix & stir it for 2-3 minutes. Your Fried rice is ready! For more nutrition you can add Carrot, Broccoli, Capsicum and also scrambled egg.


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MAGGI Shaad-e-Magic

4g 8941100294970
25g 8941100295335
48g (12 packs) 8941100295151
MAGGI Fusian Fried Rice seasoning Mix 6g Sachet 8941100294987
60g Pouch(10x6g Sachet) 8941100295137