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How do I know details about Nescafe products?

What is the health benefit of coffee?

The emotional and physical benefits of coffee are numerous. Not only does coffee taste good, it can stimulate you, relax you and refresh you. It naturally contains compounds, which are associated with metabolic effects, e.g. caffeine, antioxidants (polyphenols), fibers, vitamins & minerals.

Coffee stimulates your senses thanks to its caffeine content which stimulates metabolism and supports mental alertness and concentration.

Coffee relaxes you because it hydrates you. Water is the main ingredient in a cup of coffee, it helps you work towards your daily water needs.

Coffee refreshes you with its wealth of antioxidants (polyphenols). Polyphenols are nutrients which help against the free radicals in your body and help you prevent tissue decay. They are also found in green tea, fruits and cocoa.

The next time you drink a cup of coffee, just think of all its benefits!

How many cups of coffee can I have in a day?

Daily 3 to 5 cups of coffee consumption is considered moderate level of consumption.

Is coffee related to insomnia?

There is no direct relationship between coffee and insomnia. Besides, the common cause of insomnia is stated to be a stressful lifestyle. To prevent insomnia one can try to get rid of extra stress and try relaxation in a dark room, with some light music, a hot water bath etc. Avoiding anything which stimulates excitement like adventurous books or watching TV, can help.

Can coffee/ caffeine cause dehydration?

Caffeine is the most consumed psycho-stimulant. It is mainly consumed from coffee, tea and cola type beverages. Modern science does not support the idea that the consumption of caffeine containing beverages causes dehydration. In fact, it is now increasingly being acknowledged that caffeine containing beverages, consumed in moderation, can be an important source of fluid in the diet.

How do I make a perfect cup of NESCAFÉ?

To prepare a perfect cup of NESCAFÉ, put 1 tea spoon (1.5 g) of NESCAFÉ Classic, 1 tea spoon (5g) COFFEE-MATE and 1 tea spoon sugar in a cup and then add 1 cup (120ml) of hot (80°C) water. Mix it properly by stirring the spoon. Your NESCAFÉ Perfect cup is ready!

Alternatively, you can buy NESCAFÉ 3in1 which is the perfect combination of coffee, creamer and sugar with just the right balance.

I want to have NESCAFÉ Vending Machine for business purposes. What should I do?

To get the NESCAFÉ vending machine from Nestlé, you are required to send your Name, Address & Contact Number to our Consumer Service- [email protected] We will then share your information with Nestlé Professional team and will inform you about the next steps.

How may I get the NESCAFÉ Red Mug in Local Market?

Commercially, NESCAFÉ Red Mug is not available in local market.

On NESCAFÉ Pack it is mentioned that the powder has to be mixed with hot water and not with boiling water, why so?

Since NESCAFÉ is an instant coffee, it only needs hot water added to it. We always recommend 80 degree Celsius, so that you can get the best taste of coffee.

Can NESCAFÉ be consumed cold?

Off course. You can quench your thirst with Iced NESCAFÉ during summer as well as anytime in the year when you are exhausted. To know more about Iced NESCAFÉ recipes visit NESCAFÉ Bangladesh Facebook page.

I am interested to work on your new project “AKJ”. How can you help me?

If anyone wants to be a seller of NESCAFÉ in AKJ, he/she is directed to the respective operator where he/she wants to work. Fulfilling some requirements, they are then provided with the tools, equipment and other necessities to start. You can call Nestlé Consumer Service for further help.

Can I order NESCAFÉ online?

Yes you can order NESCAFÉ online from a few e-retailers. Call our Consumer Service to know from where you can get it.

How can I order NESCAFÉ Alegria machine?

To get the Alegria machine, you can call us at 08000 16 12 71 (toll free) or you can directly mail our Consumer Service at [email protected] .

What different flavors of coffee can I get from NESCAFÉ Alegria?

You can get 5 different flavors of coffee from Alegria:

  1. Espresso
  2. Long Espresso (Lungo)
  3. Americano ( Black Coffee)
  4. Cappuccino
  5. Latte


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