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MAGGI Healthy Soups

What is the source country of MAGGI Healthy Soups?

All three variants of MAGGI Healthy Soups are imported from Malaysia.

What is the Serving size of 1 pack of MAGGI Healthy Soups?

One pack of MAGGI Healthy Soups can be served to 2 people.

How many flavors do you have in MAGGI Healthy Soups?

Currently there are three flavors of MAGGI Healthy Soups which are Corn with Chicken Flavor, Thai & Vegetable.

What is the health benefit of MAGGI Healthy Soups?

The claimed health benefit of MAGGI Healthy Soups is that it contains low fat and low cholesterol.

How can I prepare MAGGI Healthy Soups?

MAGGI Healthy Soups can be easily prepared following the pack instruction. Mix the soup powder of a pack in 2 cups or 350ml of normal water and then cook it on medium flame, while stirring continuously. After 5-6 minutes of cooking it should be ready to serve. You can add eggs, chicken or vegetables to enhance the taste of the soup. You can also add extra ingredients in soup as per your taste.


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