Coffee System

Vending Solution:

Technically it's a machine. However, for us it's a solution to a big problem but for Food and Beverage businesses it's a blessing income source and a symbol of trust to the consumers.

Our NESCAFÉ vending machines are a simple solution for complex problems. Each day we are proudly serving consumers of different channels in out-of-home market and ensuring their satisfaction.


Machine Name: Legacy Single Hot Option
Refill product: NESCAFÉ 3in1 coffee premix or NESTEA premix
Water suction: Auto, Bubble top
Audit system: Available (shows numbers of cups consumed)

Machine Name: Legacy Double Hot Option.
Refill product: NESCAFÉ 3in1 coffee premix and NESTEA premix
Water suction: Auto
Audit system: Available (shows numbers of cups consumed)


Machine Name: Quencher Double Cold Option
Refill product: NESCAFÉ 3in1 coffee premix and NESTEA premix
Water suction: Auto
Audit system: Available (shows numbers of cups consumed)

Specialized Solution:

NESCAFÉ® Alegria 510 Coffee System:

Thinking of a hassle free personal coffee system for home, office or boutique coffee shop?

Meet our Barista- the NESCAFÉ® Alegria 510 coffee system. This easy-to-use countertop coffee machine delivers authentic, quality café-style beverages at an affordable price. Its compact design and simple technology makes it suitable for any location.

Just press the button to enjoy one of five delicious drinks. Brewing one beverage at a time ensures the freshness of every cup. The Alegria 510 product starts with Nestlé quality coffee beans and is further enhanced with finely ground roasted coffee called micro-grinds (4%). These coffee grind morsels ensure a coffee that is rich, aromatic, and full of flavor as if it were made by a Barista.

Try all five beverages:

  • Espresso
  • Lungo (Long Espresso)
  • Americano (Black Coffee)
  • Cappuccino and
  • Latte Macchiato

NESCAFÉ® Alegria 510 Coffee Cartridge:

NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA™ coffee has found a way to create a product with a superb full bodied flavour and rich aroma. The new NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA™ coffee combines the legendary technology with new technology to create an exquisite blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with exclusive micro-grinds.

Coffee Process:

ROAST: The beans are roasted to their optimal level to reveal the full aroma and flavour of the coffee beans.

GRIND: The grinding level and consistency is crucial to enable the best of the freshly roasted coffee to be captured during the brew.

BREW: The brewing conditions are carefully chosen to allow optimal aroma and flavour extraction.

FILTER: The rich pure coffee extract is separated and retrieved in its liquid form.

BLEND: The micro-grinds are added into the pure coffee extract as a finishing touch to deliver premium body and flavour for an irresistible overall cup experience.

FREEZE: The blend of coffee extract and micro-grinds is frozen and split into smaller pieces.

SUBLIME: The frozen pieces are dried under vacuum to protect the flavours and aromas. These are fully captured in the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA™ coffee.

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